Thursday May 24

Are you losing your child's heart?

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The Test

Preferably, have someone else ask your child these questions, so he/she can feel free to be completely honest.

  1. Cesar con su hijo“Close your eyes and imagine your mom/dad’s face.  Now tell me, is she/he smiling?”
  2. “Do you believe your mom/dad loves you?”  This is the easy question, and 90% of the kids will answer “yes”.  Now, ask him/her: “Do you feel like your mom/dad understands you?”
  3. “When you have free time do you like to spend it with your mom/dad (or would you rather spend it with someone else or doing other things)?”
  4. “Does your mom/dad prefer spending time with YOU than with someone else (other than your spouse) or doing other things (work, computer, hobbies)?
  5. “Does your mom/dad lead you by example 100% (does she/he live exactly the way she/he expects you to live)?”
    Give an example: “I told you not to yell at your little brother! –but she/he does yell at other people.
  6. “When you have a conflict with your mom/dad, does she/he take the initiative to solve it completely?”
  7. “Does your mom/dad know how to recognize her/his faults and ask for forgiveness?”
  8. “Would you tell your mom/dad everything you would tell your best friend?”
  9. “Is your mom/dad the person you admire the most?”
  10. “When your mom/dad says ‘I’ll play with you later’, do you actually think there will be a ‘later’?”

If your child answered “no”:

1 time: You’re on the right track but you need to tune up a few things or the “no’s” will begin to multiply.

2-4 times:  Immediate Alert.  You have to change your ways asap!

5 or more:  State of emergency.  You are already losing your child’s heart.  He/she may outwardly obey you but the seeds of rebellion have been planted in her/his heart.  There is hope! But you must make some radical changes!